COUNT TO Nine; 9 Liberating Steps to Mom Anger and Frustration

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Tired of yelling at your kids and parenting out of anger and frustration? Ready to stop anger in it's tracks and parent gracefully? 

I know all too well that familiar feeling of guilt and failure.  I've been a mom for nearly 30 years now, but will never forget the feelings of defeat over my own temper tantrums with my kids when they were young.

That feeling recently crept up again as the grand kids came along, but this time, I tried a different approach.  This time, I researched Scripture, pouring over God's truths about self-control.

And mama, I found answers.  In fact, I formed a mom support group, and together, we're putting the principals from the book into action.  

Simply put - this 9-step method works!

Moms all over the world are discovering power over anger from the truths in this ebook - a Biblical approach to anger, and how to learn self-control and grace.

In this book you will discover:

  • The surprising reasons behind your anger
  • The mind-blowing truth of God's view on anger
  • One eye-opening tactic of changing your reactions
  • How the staggering power of unbelief can keep you from victory
  • How to triumph through one key attitude adjustment
  • How to finally gain victory over a lifelong stronghold

Mom, if you're ready to make a change and become the person you want your kids to pattern, Count to 9 will set you on the road to recovery.  This method has been tested on young moms and found to be a key tool to success in overcoming their own temper tantrums!

Written by a mom of four and former anger expert--see details on how to order now!

BONUS printable journal, Scripture cards and thankful cards included!  Grab yours today and overcome anger in 2017!

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COUNT TO Nine; 9 Liberating Steps to Mom Anger and Frustration

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