Video Training: Time-saving tools and tips for personal devotions Video Training

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Are you a busy mom, struggling for time with God? As a young mama, stretched in every direction, I often

Already overwhelmed with four little ones, I was  I craved that connection so desperately, but I didn't think I had the time (or energy) to give it justice.

That's what this training is about.  In , I've already done the leg work for you!  Here you will find today and stay consistent, building a firm foundation and finding

Offering clear, creative ideas for working devotions into your busy schedule, this hour-long webinar will both encourage and inspire you to

What you will learn:

  • 1 Devotional myth to leave in the dust
  • 10 ways to succeed at daily devotions

  • 4 Easily accessible (and free) devotional aps

  • 3 Devotional Supplements every mom should have

What  you will receive:

  • A deep discount off Ruthie's new ebook, (Cost:  $1.00)

  • Webinar worksheets

  • Time-saving tips and tools for personal devotions resource packet, complete with 5 free printable devotionals, 3 free Christian living resources, and 5 highly recommended tools for Christian growth in motherhood.

  • Lovely set of

Dear mom, .  You can and I'll show you how in this video training!

*This video is available for streaming only, thus a one-time rental fee of $25.00. However, the worksheet, resource page with information and links to resources, and printables are renter's property to keep. Not for resale. Affiliate information mentioned in video training not included. 

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$25 $18.75

Video Training: Time-saving tools and tips for personal devotions Video Training

0 ratings
I want this!